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Sailing holidays to the Aeolian islands: travel tips
Sailing holidays to the Aeolian islands: travel tips

Sailing holidays to the Aeolian islands: travel tips

A short collection of the most useful travel tips to better deal with a sailing holiday in the Aeolian Islands.

There are many questions that afflict people who face sailing holidays in the Aeolian Islands for the first time. From the most practical such as “What to pack” or “Will I suffer from seasickness?” to the more intimate and personal ones like “Will I be able to adapt to life with other unknown people?” “What do I need to know to travel safely?”.

All questions more than normal to which we thought to answer with a small but focused guide on what is really important to know when you choose to take a trip at sea.

Without forgetting that the experience at sea is above all freedom, it is to completely immerse yourself in a different way to live the day, lulled by the sea and caressed by the wind.

This is what really matters and we would like it to remain well imprinted within you.

Travel tips for a boat holiday in the Aeolian Islands: what to pack


The Suitcase

The suitcase should be soft to better fit the interior of the boat. A duffel bag will be fine and the smaller it is, the more space will remain for you!

Clothing: costumes, light clothing, better if shorts and t-shirt. Something heavier for the evening, a long trousers and a sweatshirt can not miss.
You must always wear a windbreaker even in the middle of summer, preferably with a hood (in the unfortunate case of rain!).

Boat shoes are not needed and above all are to be avoided for reasons of hygiene, so usually you are barefoot or you can bring shoes affixed to use only in the boat.
Of course, a pair of shoes or slippers will be used for trips to the mainland.

Sailing holidays to the Aeolian islands: travel tips

Products for hygiene and body care

Everything you usually use for care and hygiene: from soap to shampoo, preferably biodegradable for a lower impact on the environment.

Sunscreen is indispensable and better if with a high level of protection.

vacanze in barca a vela cosa portare

Not to forget at home

There are some items and products that are really indispensable, so don’t forget them at home:

  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • basic medicines
  • identity document
Sailing holidays to the Aeolian islands: travel tips

Sports equipment

If you are a fan of snorkeling or do not want to miss the beauty of the seabed, we recommend that you bring mask, snorkels and fins.

Rock shoes can also be useful, both for marine excursions and for use on rocky beaches.

Sailing holidays to the Aeolian islands: travel tips

Electronic equipment

Mobile phone, tablet or other electronic devices can safely be recharged on board: directly in your cabin with 12v current (you need the car charger) or at the outlets of the chart table (here you can attach the traditional battery chargers to 220v).

How to combat seasickness

If you have never had a sailing holiday in the Aeolian Islands and you find yourself for the first time doing this type of experience, you may wonder how to behave in case of seasickness.
Indeed surely it will be one of your first thoughts!

The best solution is always prevention, and therefore avoid all those situations that could potentially trigger it.
As happens in the car, watching a fixed point and breathing deeply help a lot. But also do not smoke and eat light foods, maybe try to rest a little lying on your back.

If the precautions of the case did not work you can try with bracelets anti nausea, those to be understood that press on the wrists.

Ultimately there are medications (which you will need to have taken with you).
Before boarding it is advisable to go to a pharmacy and choose from the various products on the market: patches, chewing gum or the widely used (and perhaps abused) Xamamina.

Refreshing yourself with a nice bath in the sea is usually the best remedy that in a few minutes makes all the ills go away!


Flexibility and open-mindedness are the keys to a fulfilling and relaxing experience.

Sailing days are very simple, made of open air, wind, sun and sea.
They are perfect for those who love nature and adapt to the essential, live well in tranquility and I enjoy detaching from everyday life and chance.

When choosing a sea holiday with individual boarding you will share the experience with a group of unknown people and this usually scares a lot.
Living together, adapting to the crew and the spaces are in fact the most common fears.

In fact, people who choose this type of holiday are predisposed to flexibility and with little attention can maintain excellent relations and a nice climate on board.

In the days spent together at sea there is always a strong group spirit, so much so that new friendships are often born that go on over time.

Common sense and education are the elements that best balance life on board. But where in common sense not enough, the commander is able to manage the best group avoiding the creation of unpleasant situations.

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