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Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands
Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands

Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands

Ponza. Palmarola. Ventotene.

They are easy to reach by sailboat and combine the pleasure of spending time on incredible beaches, enjoying the crystal clear sea and discovering a rich history.

Spending your sailing holidays at the Pontine Islands is a great way to discover many places that would otherwise be difficult to reach and visit with not too long time available.

Contact with nature, freedom and admiration for unspoilt landscapes are the true privileges of a sailing holiday.

Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands


Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands


Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands


Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands


Sailing holidays in the Pontine Islands


Sailing in the archipelago of the Pontine Islands

vacanze in barca a vela alle isole pontine

Depart from Ponza and discover a different island every day, fall in love with crystal clear bays and think you have found the most beautiful of all, until the next day, when you come across other heavenly places, not even imagined dreams.

Spending a week or even a few days on a sailing boat is what you need to get away from the chaos; provided you are flexible and adapt to a way of life very different from the ordinary one, but also open up to new people and get carried away.

Our sailing boats and catamarans are all led by experienced professional skippers, with whom to feel safe and why not, also pampered with a galley and a cuisine full of local delicacies.

The kitchen also helps to make unforgettable memories of a holiday spent at sea.

The Pontine Islands to discover by sailboat


It is certainly the best known of the whole archipelago, and for this reason the most frequented.

Here the sea life goes perfectly with the night life, very rich.

Ponza is famous for its white coves and turquoise water. Its sea is one of the most extraordinary in the Mediterranean: here wrecks, caves and seabeds full of life are a dream come true for lovers of underwater activities.

Coves and bays, beaches and coves, but also cliffs, caves and stacks characterize the sea walk.
Very famous are the natural pools, two of which are bordered by rock while one is open to the sea and accessible by boat.

The bay of Chiaia di Luna, the rocks of the Ants, the Faraglioni of Lucia Rosa, the Cliff and the Scoglio della Botte, are particularly suggestive places, must-see for diving and diving.

It is also possible to integrate the sea experience with land excursions, especially trekking. The island was inhabited by both the Romans and the Greeks and is therefore littered with remains of these ancient civilizations such as Roman necropolis, imperial villas and the Roman Cistern of Dragonara.

For those who love the nightlife it is recommended to spend at least one evening on the island and enjoy the premises overlooking the water, perfect for an aperitif or dinner.


Those who choose to spend a sailing holiday in the Pontine Islands have the opportunity to discover not only Ponza, but also the other small islands that make up the archipelago, first of all Ventotene.

It is wild, pervaded in every corner by scents of tufa earth and uncultivated fields.
Its beaches are dark because the tuff rocks are present everywhere, outside and inside the sea.
It is populated by dolphins and sperm whales that it is not uncommon to see far away, in the middle of the sea.

By boat you can stop at Cala Nave, with its two stacks “Nave di Fuori” and “Nave di Terra”; here you can see the most lively beach of the island perhaps because it is very close to the village.

A large part of the sea is part of the protected marine area, and this also includes the famous prison of Santo Stefano, which can be appreciated by the sea, as it can no longer be visited inside.

The very ancient history of Ventotene, linked to the Roman Empire, can already be perceived at the port: the docks where Roman ships were once moored, interspersed with modern berths, are still visible.

Going down a few meters under the water with the mask you can still see the remains of what were the Roman fish ponds.


It is part of the Circeo National Park and is a must for anyone who wants to take a sailing holiday in the Pontine Islands.

It is very famous for its caves, in particular the most famous: the cat’s cave in which there is also a spring of fresh water.

It is the wildest island, with no houses and no ports. Populated only by a restaurant and nature.
It owes its name to the dwarf palms that grow here numerous.

The coasts are very suggestive: caves and coves are interspersed with white cliffs. A very characteristic place is the one called the Cathedral: it is an area carved by caves that form so perfect arches as to seem built by man.


Like Palmarola, Zannone is part of the Circeo National Park, but with the difference of being completely uninhabited.

The absence of human settlements has allowed the landscape, flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean to remain intact over the centuries.

Unlike the other islands, all of volcanic origin, Zannone originated from sedimentary rocks and is pervaded by woods of holm oaks and cork.

With the sailboat you can sail in its wonderful waters, but without approaching the island.

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