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Sailing holidays in Flegree islands
Sailing holidays in Flegree islands

Sailing holidays in Flegree islands

Evocative views among the waves to rediscover the essential

In the Gulf of Naples the natural beauty of the places is fully expressed in the pleasant climate, in the clear sea and the infinite shades of blue.

All travel offers unforgettable experiences, enriches and opens the mind to the new.

The sailing holidays in the Flegree Islands, however, can still give something more: the uniqueness of the point of view, the emotions aroused by the view of the world through the sea and the direct contact with nature.

A rewarding and reconciling experience with the universe and with yourself, to be experienced at least once in your life.

Sailing holidays in Flegree islands


Sailing holidays in Flegree islands


Sailing holidays in Flegree islands


Sailing holidays in Flegree islands


Sailing holidays in Flegree islands



vacanze in barca a vela isole flegree con imbarco da napoli


The holiday can only start from here, where it is planned to embark our boats, not before having enjoyed the freedom of the city.

The departure takes place from Borgo Marinari, the marina of the city and then sail and explore the islands of the archipelago.

Ischia, Capri and Procida, the Grotta azzurra are the obligatory stages of the cruise.

Sailing in the Flegree archipelago

Living a sailing holiday in the Flegree archipelago is an experience that everyone can do: singles, couples, families, there are no age limits.

Sailing with a professional skipper allows you to approach the world of sailing feeling completely safe, and devoting all the time to your psycho-physical well-being.

Life on board gives you the opportunity to test yourself in so many ways. Adaptability, the desire to get involved, to open up to new knowledge and new ways to discover the world are all aspects that deeply affect anyone who spends a few days on a boat.
In short, we rediscover the essential.


vacanze in barca a vela eolie


It is the least known island of the archipelago and therefore also the least touristy.

Perhaps this is why it is the most evocative and the one that has maintained all its natural beauty over time.

Corricella is the small fishing village overlooking the sea, with its marina become famous for having hosted the filming of some scenes of “Il Postino“.

A walk here takes us back in time, when life was simpler and punctuated by the simple rhythms of nature and the sea.

The island has volcanic origin, and this owes the dark sand of its beaches.

One of the most beautiful is the Chiaiolella, a sort of extension of the beach of Ciraccio. Shallow waters, rocky areas alternating with green areas make it very impressive especially at sunset.

Also the beach of Pozzo Vecchio is very popular and known especially for being also set of the movie “Il postino”.

barca a vela arcipelago campano e ischia barca a vela arcipelago campano e ischia


Ischia, the largest island of the archipelago, the green one, rich in vegetation is famous for its thermal cures, but also for the particularly lively nightlife: bars and restaurants facing the sea, once stores of wine, are today very popular.

Still on the island there is a flourishing production of wine, a particular type of white very sought after not only in Italy, but also abroad.

The island is dotted with corners and bays of rare beauty alternating with worldly places such as the seaside village of Sant’Angelo and Ischia port, or even Forio or the Aragonese castle built on a small island connected to Ischia by a thin strip of land.

The bay of Sant’Angelo deserves a longer stop than the others, both for the incredible waters in which to dive, both for the characteristic village that faces it.

Capri e i suoi faraglioni Capri e i suoi faraglioni


Capri needs no introduction.

Adored all over the world is considered by many the true pearl of the Mediterranean for its famous square, frequented by many famous people from all over the world, for its stacks that have now become a symbol, for the colorful houses of the Marina Grande and for all those stretches of coast that have not yet undergone changes and are still natural.

The Grotta azzurra is one of the most known places, and rightly so.

It is a dark cavity in which the sea water reaches incredible shades of electric blue thanks to the light that filters through an underground cave.

The result is really impressive and you can not absolutely

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