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Organized sailing trips by boat
Organized sailing trips by boat

Organized sailing trips by boat

The organized sailing trips are suggestive and totalizing, holidays to breathe in full, are perfect for those who love to enjoy nature and feel part of it.

This type of travel is aimed at everyone: individuals, couples, families and groups of friends. Whether it’s a few days or one or more weeks, spending time on a sailboat takes you to a dimension with slow, relaxed rhythms, totally detached from the daily routine.

In the boat there is no stress, the mind travels free; the body lives in a swing between the moments of pure relaxation and those in which you need to get busy and engage with the activities that navigation requires.

Even at the first experience it is possible to learn the basic principles of navigation and contribute to the “hardships” that sailing requires together with the skipper and the rest of the crew.

Organized sailing trips by boat Organized sailing trips by boat

Charter with skipper: safe travel

Choosing the rental of a sailboat with skipper is a perfect way also to approach or deepen the principles of navigation.

Those who already have a boating license often need to discover some secrets of the art of sailing, which only experienced skippers are able to give.

Those who have no experience can learn the basics while having fun and being in company.


Our boats can be rented entirely or you can live shared experiences with the purchase of an individual boarding.

There are many possible itineraries, and all in southern Italy.

With Addwind you can discover the Aeolian Islands, the archipelago of Flegree, venture to discover Ponza and the nearby pontine islands.

Individual boarding

In organized trips by Addwind sailboat we use the individual boarding formula.

This means that you can buy the single seat in the double cabin and not worry about the management of the boat.

You can travel alone and make new friends with people who have the same passion for the sea or share the experience (and the cabin) with a friend, your partner, or with the whole family.

Easy booking

Contact us by email, phone or by filling out the form at the following link and answer all your questions to accompany you in choosing the most suitable sailing holiday solution for you.


The Addwind sailboats are commanded by experienced skippers who manage every aspect of the trip, from the practical activities of navigation, to the management of the galley, to the choice of decisions to be taken to deal with the trip in total safety.

With years of experience behind our sea wolves know how to guide the crew and accompany them in the life on board.

km zero food

Local products and selected wines make the experience of the sailing holiday very pleasant also from the culinary point of view.

Our skippers will show you the best markets and shops in which to stock the galley, choosing fresh food and typical of the places visited.

Because the discovery of places also passes through the kitchen!

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