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Coronavirus and holidays, the sailboat option makes its way

Will Coronavirus make me take the holidays this summer?” This is one of the recurring questions these days.

The Coronavirus in the last two months has stopped the time but in April, with the days getting longer, someone begins to think about how to make the holidays this summer once the emergency is over.

So the regional president of the union of the bathers Riccardo Padovano

on the other hand the world of sailors hypothesizes the possibility of taking off literally to enjoy the sun and the sea without being “put in the tank”.

Summer in any case is just around the corner and solutions are being sought and hypothesized not to damage the entire Italian tourism sector that has already suffered a lot from the situation.

Along with hotels, restaurants, beach resorts are also affected by the moment the many nautical companies, schools and charter agencies, professional, animated by a real passion that after the economic crisis of the past years are trying with all their strength to go back to the top, along with all the Italian tourism industry.

At the time of the Coronavirus, to avoid the spread of the contagion, in Italy the world of sailing has stopped: it is forbidden to go out to sea if not for work reasons (such as fishing boats)Obviously, it is forbidden to stay in port in your boat unless you live there permanently.

No boating, therefore, even solo, or scuba diving or swimming in Coronavirus times.

“Reaching the boat or the beach would involve a move not justified by work needs, situations of need or health needs and therefore would violate the DPCM”, explained the Ministry of Transport reiterating it also to Capitanerie, nautical circles and marinas.

The knot is not so much sailing or swimming, which would not involve contacts that can propagate the Coronavirus.

“At the level of boating all activities are prohibited because they assume a shift that does not fall within the three provided for by the DPCM and therefore the violation involves the application of Article 650 of the Criminal Code” explain from the Harbour office of Genoa.

A few days ago a sailor from Pescara was fined right inside the marina of the Adriatic capital while he had passed in front of his boat to fix something.

So for now you can not, but of course you think about the after, this summer.

What will happen this summer hoping to leave the Coronavirus behind?

The problem of infections and distances to be respected certainly concerns the beaches where it is very difficult to keep the meter in and out of the water, especially when you have small children behind.

By sea it is different: even when you dock at sea or in the open sea for swimming, there are distances to be respected between one boat and the other to avoid that the anchors can fit but above all you have to keep 300 meters away from the shore.

Obviously you have to wait because the Coronavirus has not gone away. The numbers are reassuring, the infections are falling but there are still many deaths.

It is probable then that the temperature can play in these decisive weeks a role in limiting the epidemic. In this case, the heat could curb the Coronavirus in Italy in the coming months, just as it happens with colds and seasonal flu.

Going to sea is a natural antidote

Going to sea is an effective antidote not only to isolate yourself from the world and the mainland, but also to distract yourself from the negativity of these dramatic months and recover a pinch of positivity.

Not to mention the beneficial effects of the so-called “thalassotherapy” that life on the boat allows, that is the absorption of trace elements and salts that promote the restoration of organic balance and allow our immune system to strengthen and resist external aggressions.

This article is dedicated to a great lover of the sea, soul of the pier C of the marina of Pescara, Achille Di Girolamo, owner of Anadara who is now sailing somewhere, where everything is possible and there is no Coronavirus!


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