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Cooking on a sailing boat
Cooking on a sailing boat

Cooking on a sailing boat

Fresh ingredients and tasty recipes, are the ideal base for cooking on a sailboat and make all the guests satisfied!

Sharing a holiday by boat also means spending meals together, enjoying with other new dishes and letting yourself be transported in the journey also through food.

Yes, because in our philosophy even food is an integral part of the trip and we always devote a lot of attention: from the choice of local ingredients, to the selection of recipes typical of the places where we are navigating, the inevitable presence of fish on the table.

The skipper on the Addwind sailboats is also chef. It is responsible for organizing the kitchen for the trip, buying the necessary and advising the sailors on what they might need.

We like to eat and we like that our crews also eat more than well and remain satisfied with the food as much as the trip at sea.

Meeting around a table is also a great way to have a chat and get to know each other; better to do it in front of a tasty first course of fish, right?

Forget, however, the way of cooking used on land; obviously in the sea the use of utensils and raw materials could be more difficult given the narrow spaces in which you are working. That’s why you prefer simple and quick recipes, but be careful: the fact that they are simple does not mean that they are not tasty!

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