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Aeolian islands by sailboat
Aeolian islands by sailboat

Aeolian islands by sailboat



The Aeolian Islands have always been the first choice of those who love sailing: groups of friends, couples and individuals. The climate, the winds and the various itineraries that the archipelago offers are all elements that make them so dear to sailors.

As a UNESCO world heritage site, the Aeolian Islands are all different from each other, fascinating visitors with their immense variety of underwater and terrestrial landscapes as well as the diverse flora and fauna that populate them.

The choice of individual boarding, cabin charter, or exclusive charter of the boat or catamaran are the perfect options to fully enjoy an experience at sea.

Aeolian islands by sailboat:
Travel plan

  • Day 1°
    • Afternoon at Marina Club Tropea
    • Boarding from the Port of Tropea
    • Dinner
  • Day 2°
    • Sailing to Panarea by boat
    • Visit of the island
    • Afternoon break in the most beautiful bays
  • Day 3°
    • Route to Stromboli
    • Visit of the island
    • Night at sea
  • Day 4°
    • Day at sea in Filicudi
  • Day 5°
    • Navigation and stop in Lipari
  • Day 6°
    • Visit and stop at the island of Vulcano
  • Day 7°
    • Return to Tropea
Aeolian islands by sailboat


Aeolian islands by sailboat


Aeolian islands by sailboat


Aeolian islands by sailboat


Aeolian islands by sailboat


Explore the Aeolian Islands by sailboat starting from Tropea

Aeolian islands by sailboat from tropea


The port of Tropea is the perfect base to embark and sail around the Aeolian archipelago.

It is located a few kilometers from the airport and the station of Lamezia Terme, easily accessible thanks to the exclusive shuttle service.

At the port are moored our boats and our catamaran, ready to become your home for a few days or a week, the time needed to forget the stress and find the right rhythm of life.

The islands of the Aeolian archipelago to discover

Aeolian Islands sailing through Stromboli


It is perhaps the most famous island of the archipelago for the presence of the famous volcano that the locals call Iddu, him.

Stromboli offers the spectacle of Sciara di fuoco, that slope formed by lava and lapilli that descends from the crater to the sea, the possibility of hiking on the volcano, a quiet walk in the small villages that animate it, like Ginostra, which can only be reached by sea.

And an unmissable dive to Strombolicchio, the rock that was once an ancient volcano, with its backdrops, true wonder of nature.

But the island offers most of all to remain intoxicated by the characteristic scents of the Mediterranean, the typical smell of volcanic fumes that often pervade the area and the dark colors, unmistakable of this volcanic landscape.


Small villages, quaint harbors, incredible tuff caves and the pebble beach at the southeastern tip, called Lingua, for its particular conformation.

Here there is a lighthouse with typical architecture and a small lake of sea water from which salt was once extracted.

That’s where the name of the island comes from!

For the locals the Lingua is a symbol of Pane Cunsatu (seasoned) and granita, delicacies to be tasted absolutely during the visit.

Salina is however famous all over the world for being the set of the movie “Il Postino“, shot in Pollara, a must for anyone who sails in these parts.


Aeolian sailboat: a cruise in the archipelago must include absolutely the most worldly of the islands, Panarea.

It is the smallest island, but very frequented by famous people and although the inhabitants are few, in summer it is full of life.

During the day the ideal is to explore the islets and coves that populate it: take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Lisca Bianca and Bottaro, at the Zimamari cove protected from the winds, or see the caves of the islet Basiluzzo.

And then live the island from sunset to night in the most evocative of Panarea: the Raya.

Its terrace overlooking the sea offers fascinating sunsets, perfect to live in the hour of aperitif.


At the center of the archipelago, Lipari is rich in history, with several archaeological settlements that you can visit.

But it’s mostly sea.

The bay of the quarries of Pumice has the water of a blue of a thousand shades, which has nothing to envy to heavenly places overseas.

It is definitely the most beautiful place to stop for a dip.

The wildest islands


Immersed in nature. 

It is in Filicudi that you can fully breathe the beauty of a holiday away from the crowds, from the confusion, completely embraced by beauty.

The Sea Ox Cave, where the monk seals once lived, is an unmissable excursion.

Much loved by divers for the crystal clear waters, the amazing backdrops and the rock walls.


Different from all the others.

On the island of Vulcano stands the crater not far from the country that characterizes the whole landscape, the smells and colors are completely pervaded.

It is the closest island to Sicily, known for its long black beaches, the warm land that breathes under the feet.

Rich in fascinating bays, those of Gelso, dell’Asino and the bay of Levante, some areas are characterized by the presence of hot water fumaroles along the shoreline.


It is the westernmost island of the Aeolian archipelago, and offers no mooring except in the small pier where ships and hydrofoils dock.

It is a timeless place, far from chaos perhaps because it is more difficult to reach.

For this reason it can offer tranquility, unspoilt landscape and is perfect to be included in a sailing tour that encompasses exclusivity and peace.

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