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Sail Among the Wonders of Northern Sardinia Aboard Our Catamaran Zahra

Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary and let yourself be cradled by the crystalline waters of Northern Sardinia aboard our luxury catamaran. 🚢✨

Discover the Charm of Northern Sardinia: Departing from Olbia, your adventurous journey will take you through spectacular landscapes and hidden coves along the northern Sardinian coast. 🏝️ From clear turquoise to emerald green, every corner of the Sardinian sea is a work of art waiting for you behind each wave.

Luxury Catamaran at Your Service: Imagine a vacation where comfort is taken to the next level. Onboard our catamaran, luxury meets effortless navigation. Spacious and inviting cabins, elegant common spaces, and a foredeck perfect for stargazing or diving into the azure Mediterranean.

Sea & Land Gastronomic Experience: The flavors of Sardinia come to life on board. Our chefs will prepare culinary delights for you, from the essence of the sea to the richness of the land. Dinner under the stars or lunches on the beach, each meal is a gastronomic journey.

Dream Nordic Itinerary: Your adventure will lead you to explore breathtaking destinations like La Maddalena, the Tavolara Archipelago, and the enchanting beaches of the Costa Smeralda. Every day is a new and surprising chapter.

🔗 Book Now and Set Sail for the Unforgettable! Don’t miss the opportunity to live this unparalleled experience. Book your spot on board now and get ready to sail the waters of Northern Sardinia on a journey that will stay in your heart forever.

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